Safety travelling to and from school

Parents and carers are responsible for the safety of students. Students can travel long distances to school and roads near the school can be unsafe for them. They are learning to be safe in a new place and this needs your attention.

Please show children how to be safe getting to and from school:

  • Cross roads safely using the pedestrian crossings, school crossings and traffic lights. Follow the instructions of school crossing guards.
  • We have very busy roads near the school. Students need to take great care in crossing roads.
  • Knowing what to do if they get lost. Knowing when and how to give personal information if they are lost.
  • Travel with them so they become confident to travel by themselves. Primary students must be accompanied by parent or older sibling.


Pedestrian and Traffic Safety at Blackburn English Language School

Pedestrians and traffic near our school must be safe for everyone and respectful of our neighbours.

Cars in Australia are large, making it difficult to see children.

Our school has new students and families every term. Please help everyone to understand how important safety is to our community.



To all families –

  • Use the footpaths – never walk across the road or through a carpark.
  • Park your car with care and consider the safety of students and our neighbours.
  • Adults walk across the road with their child.
  • Children must leave the car at the footpath side to be safe – children never leave the car on the roadside because this puts them in danger.
  • Take note of the parking signs in the local streets to avoid fines and delays.
  • You can park further along the roads and streets and walk to the school to drop off or pick up your child.
  • Buses needs space to drop off passengers safely.


  • DO NOT drop off your children in the middle of the road.
  • DO NOT park across driveways or in the staff car parks.
  • DO NOT use a bus parking space.
  • DO NOT park or do a 3-point U-turn in a bus area.
  • DO NOT block or use driveways near the school.

Thank you for helping to keep our students and streets safe.

Car Park

Please do not use the school’s car park. The car parks are reserved for staff and is not safe for students to walk through.